Friday, August 24, 2012

Friday Night Therapy...

Friday nights have never been any different than any other night around here, really. Kids are tinkering around, helping dad while he grinds and welds on one of our many pieces of farm equipment.  I finish my official work (that's what I like to call anything related to my home business), and take aim at finding the living room floor under the colossal clutter that has invaded it in the last few days.
A package of ribeye steaks is thawed and waiting for special treatment, but tonight I opt to hop on a horse and take a quick spin around the pasture before letting the daylight get away from me.  My horse of choice for a bareback, hot summer evening ride is John's mare, Dunny.  Sans saddle, she is like a couch, and, unlike my colt who still likes to stir up trouble, on her I can relax and enjoy 20 minutes of quiet. Being horseback is my kind of therapy!
Now, batteries recharged, I will get going on a divine pre-birthday dinner for my handsome hubby.  Giddy-up!

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